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2017 Municipal Election Survey

2017 Municipal Election Survey

Springs Insight Exchange used City Question 2A regarding stormwater to create a calibrating survey instrument to evaluate how good or poor our survey process is when “assessing public sentiment for community and economic development”. The raw results of the survey as well as adjusted results are summarized in the release linked below. Regardless of the outcome we look forward to improving our processes and attracting a diverse survey membership panel for future assessments.

View and Download the Full Release Here

Municipal Election Survey

Municipal Election Survey

Springs Insight Exchange recently asked for citizen input into the upcoming City Council elections in Colorado Springs.  Survey participants told us what is important to them for candidates to discuss in the upcoming municipal April election.

Read and Download Full Municipal Election Survey Results Here

Join the Survey Team

Join the Survey Team

Our goal is to foster insight-driven, fact-based, community-wide conversations.

We invite you to become a member of our survey team.  As we endeavor to promote cooperation, informed decisions and action on vital issues, we will survey you on a quarterly basis, more frequently as other issues arise.

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We gather and disseminate grassroots-sourced data to gauge public sentiment in matters of community and economic development.  Our data-gathering process is, by design, informal and fully transparent.

We analyze and format survey results for presentation.  We then distribute that information to our Partner Organizations, elected leaders, policy makers, the public and the media.  Additionally, all survey results are published and archived on our website to make them readily available to anyone at any time.

Individuals and organizations can use our survey results to engage the community in matters of public policy, long-term fiscal planning and economic and community development in the Pikes Peak region.

We initiate surveys on a quarterly basis, or as we are commissioned to do so.  Our surveys are distributed via our network of Partner Organizations as we work to build a stand-alone database of survey participants.  Regular survey participants are asked to provide certain demographic information about themselves although that is voluntary.

A “Partner Organization” is a Pikes Peak region-based enterprise – for or nonprofit – with an interest in matters of community and economic development and vitality.  These organizations have agreed to distribute SIE surveys to their constituencies.  SIE will brand our surveys with a Partner Organization’s logo if requested.

In most cases there is no cost to a Partner Organization.  If SIE is commissioned to publish a survey outside of, or in addition to, our quarterly drops, there could be a small cost incurred.

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Members of the media, we welcome your inquiries.  Please contact Mr. Tom Binnings we he can be of service or provide you with information about SIE, our work on behalf of the community, our surveys, results, or ourselves.

Thank you!

Tom Binnings
(719) 471-0000

Springs Insight Exchange Surveys for Effective Public Policy
Springs Insight Exchange is conducting surveys for effective public policy; to assess the public’s interest in matters of community and economic development.

Thank you for joining the SIE Survey Team as a Full Participant!

It is very helpful for us to gather the following information so that we can compare member demographics to the general population of citizens in our community.

Please note that all of your responses are confidential.


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It has been very convenient for us to have a branded survey to send out in a manner that does not compromise our email list in that we are able to distribute the polls and surveys to our group.

Dennis J. Dennis J.

Partner Organization