Supporting Community Success℠

Our Business Case

A Case for Commitment to Community Advancement

Springs Insight Exchange (SIE) has been formed by members of the private sector in response to the need to engage the community in matters of public policy, long-term fiscal planning and economic and community development in the Pikes Peak Region.

Our data-gathering process is, by design, informal and fully transparent.  Our surveys are distributed via a network of participating, or, “partner” organizations.  Survey results will be publicly available to anyone, online, on demand.

Ultimately, SIE is being positioned to serve civic groups, the business community, policy makers, elected officials and the whole of our community by providing thorough, grassroots sourced data that gauges public sentiment on a range of issues critical to the Pikes Peak region.

We recognize that multiple groups in the region serve in a variety of ways to support regional community and economic development initiatives and programs, and we do not intend to replicate services provided by any group in the region.  Rather, it is SIE’s intent to supplement and encourage the work of those groups.