Supporting Community Success℠

What We Do

We gather and disseminate grassroots-sourced data to gauge public sentiment in matters of community and economic development.  Our data-gathering process is, by design, informal and fully transparent.

We analyze and format survey results for presentation.  We then distribute that information to our Partner Organizations, elected leaders, policy makers, the public and the media.  Additionally, all survey results are published and archived on our website to make them readily available to anyone at any time.

Individuals and organizations can use our survey results to engage the community in matters of public policy, long-term fiscal planning and economic and community development in the Pikes Peak region.

We initiate surveys on a quarterly basis, or as we are commissioned to do so.  Our surveys are distributed via our network of Partner Organizations as we work to build a stand-alone database of survey participants.  Regular survey participants are asked to provide certain demographic information about themselves although that is voluntary.

A “Partner Organization” is a Pikes Peak region-based enterprise – for or nonprofit – with an interest in matters of community and economic development and vitality.  These organizations have agreed to distribute SIE surveys to their constituencies.  SIE will brand our surveys with a Partner Organization’s logo if requested.

In most cases there is no cost to a Partner Organization.  If SIE is commissioned to publish a survey outside of, or in addition to, our quarterly drops, there could be a small cost incurred.

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